Monday, October 22, 2012

VI. A Voice of Reason

A Voice of Reason

MJ and Oracle turn towards the voice. A young boy stands before them.

Oracle: Well, who are you?
Boy: My name's Joey.
Oracle: And what are you doing here?
Joey: I live here!
Oracle: You live here?
Joey: Mister, I just said that.
MJ: But you should be frozen!
Oracle: Not true, MJ. Only the people who are generated by the loop are frozen. 

Joey looks around.

Joey: What do you mean? Why are all these people frozen?
Oracle: Joey, there has been a glitch and we're here to fix it.
Joey: What's your name?
Oracle: My name is Oracle, and this [Points to MJ] is MJ.
Joey: Oracle is a really weird name.
Oracle: Weird? What if I said Joey was a weird name? 
Joey: Joey is a normal name! There's a lot of people named Joey. I've never met an Oracle before.
Oracle: Neither have I.

MJ turns to the little boy, and bends down until she is eye level with him.

MJ: Could you tell us what's going on here? What do you remember?
Joey: What do I remember? What do you mean?
MJ: Do you know where you live? Where you grew up?
Joey: Of course I remember!
Oracle: You remember? Is there anything you don't remember, Joey?
Joey: What do you mean?
Oracle: When's your birthday? What'd you do in school today? Last breakfast?
Joey: September 12th. Linear algebra. Bacon, eggs, sausage, chocolate sauce.
Oracle: Chocolate sauce?
Joey: I programmed it myself. My parent's don't know, don't tell them, please Mister!

Oracle turns to MJ and whispers into her ear.

Oracle: Something is wrong here. He should have forgotten something.
MJ: What if his parents bought their memory back?
Oracle: That's possible, but we're not even sure that's what's going on.

Oracle turns back to Joey.

Oracle: So Joey, has anything weird happened lately?
Joey: What do you mean?
Oracle: Has anyone forgot anything? Maybe a lot of people forgetting things?
Joey: No, not that I know of Mister.  
Oracle: Do you remember what were you doing before you met us?
Joey: I'm…I'm not sure. 
Oracle: When we first met, you said we weren't going anywhere. Why was that?
Joey: I said what? 
Oracle: You said we weren't going anywhere.
Joey: I didn't say that!

Oracle looks around. He turns back to MJ.

Oracle: He's either lying or it really wasn't him. 
MJ: How could it have not been him? 

Suddenly Oracle has a moment of clarity. He looks shocked and excited.

Oracle: MJ, did you receive the message through Iris? No, of course you didn't.
MJ: Iris?
Oracle: My phone received and saved the message. Only not as a message, but as a sensation. Isn't it strange that we heard a voice, rather than receiving a message straight through Iris?
MJ:  What's Iris? I don't understand.
Oracle: I have an idea MJ. We aren't where we think we are. 
MJ: Where do you think we are?
Oracle: We're in an old, old version of Knossos. This isn't a trap. These are bugs. We've managed to find our way into a back-up Knossos, one of the earliest. Iris wasn't implemented immediately. There were versions without direct messaging, we still used voices.
MJ: Oracle, that's impossible. There's no such thing as Iris!
Oracle: You're using back-up memories. 
MJ: Back-up memories? And what about you?
Oracle: I have all my memories. 
MJ: And you didn't say anything?
Oracle: I didn't know. It's more fun to level the playing ground, really. I've been working on back-ups as well. But when I figured it out, my phone gave me access to the rest.
MJ: How'd you know about this Iris thing if you had back-up memories? What is Iris anyways?
Oracle: Don't worry about how or what. We should worry about how to get back to the present.

Voice: Not before you help, Oracle.

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